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RowLow - I saw a UFO
RowLow drops another track straight outta the future! Recording, Production by RowLow. Special thanks to Tall Josh (i Saw a UFO)
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HipHop - New School
Previous peak charts position #483
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #72
October 05, 2011
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2:42 minutes
Story behind the song
There's a war behind the scenes going on for centuries for control of you (that's right you) It is finally coming to an end after many many many years. You ready for the big shift?! cuz i SAW A UFO ;) ~RowLow
80 different countries now gonna thump these old world order chumps yup with the munchies for human souls and control of the golden WATCH as the story unfolds 6 big under ground cities of corruption just fell victim to their own destruction slavery techniques no longer function nuclear strikes at these bases freein us all from glitchin matrix took that test and i aced iiit patience no longer necessary get to 3d printing and to replicating everything bust these flows in a hydroplaning water car build it yoself by pillaging a wal mart take it this your technology teleportation or telepathic interfacing between all nations is a full full scale reality as i look up at the night lights flashin by blink of an eye and the sky is alive with the homies from our galaxy anti gravity 0 calories did i say you had to wait for it nah its here for da digital warrior kids dat were born wit none a dat fear no concept of a year or a millennium a pendulum between the time space continuum i'm reckin em you checkin um im rhymin for the rest of em affectin em Swanged out BReh ALL DzAY Space ship up etc