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Natural Behaviors
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Vocal version of the original song by Psychic Monkey (c)
Alternative - Alternative General
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Psychic Monkey
Psychic Monkey (c)
October 04, 2011
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Natural behaviors(c) 2011. PsychicMonkey Group hugs. Group sex. Mass suicides Credit cards maxed Ain't this today's natural behaviors? Jumped off the high rise w. a view 'cause his job was the only thing left That man, he loved one too many So she hanged herself. She was through. Chunky kids dumping plates full of food 'cause its a day too old. Infants going to sleep forever Six feet under...in that hood. Buying a shiny new beemer Kids on drugs...Cuz that's how they feel free Wife's always been a cheater. Yeah...natural behaviors. Natural behaviors. I'm bullet-proof with a 9 Need to snort more candy cane Pre-heat the oven, gonna bake Oh yeah, we're just fine. Don't ya see? Natural behaviors! I'm talking about today's Natural behaviors Natural behaviors.
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