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Sailing Through Our Lives
Single - $1.00
Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
Previous peak charts position #157
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #48
T.B. Strong II (BMI)
October 02, 2011
MP3 3.4 MB
128 kbps bitrate
3:43 minutes
Story behind the song
A song about being honest with one's self. A philosophical introspective about relationships, dreams, procrastination, and self esteem. Get sick and tired of being sick and tired, push off the bottom, stop making excuses and start living your life. Learn to love yourself before you can ever possibly learn to love another.
Living a life is not as easy as everyone thinks, There is a lot more to it than simply breathing, You have to chart a course, And make decisions, Without any instructions, And there are bound to be mistakes, Many injured in our wakes, As we sail through our lives, Sometimes we forget to believe in ourselves, We live down to other's expectations, We hide within our walls that are our biggest obstacle, As time just slips away, We put off for another day And tomorrow never comes, As we sink into our ruts, Yet to get off of our butts. Sailing through our lives, Watching our dreams die, believing our own lies, eventually we have to try. Sailing through our lives, Watching our dreams die, Believing our own lies, Eventually we have to try.