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Feel Better
Sometimes the best way to help someone is to not help. Just leave em be. If they miss your company they'll start acting right.
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Alternative - Alt Power Pop
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Clean Productions 2010
October 12, 2011
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Can you find a craftsman to mend All the broken hearts Or should we just pretend We haven’t fallen apart And in time you will see That just like poison ivy Everyone that you touched Is diseased Wish you could have stayed Why’d you go away All I have to say’s Feel better, feel better It cannot be undone And we must move on Till tomorrow comes Feel Better, feel better And your final words Will always remain And the memories are sure To only bring pain And though they try to forget They can’t do it I bet And if you’re feeling regret Then you’re making progress Chorus Time to take a stand If you want to heal you can But we can’t force this treatment on you All we can say is Feel better, feel better, feel better, feel better Chorus x2