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Strawberry Jello - Featuring Diana Randall
A Light-Hearted Song About A Bunch Of Nonsense...But It's A Feel-Good Listen...Enjoy!
World - Reggae
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Alan D. David, BMI / Diana Bowers, BMI
2011 Alan D. David, BMI / Diana Bowers, BMI
September 28, 2011
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Story behind the song
Just A Lot Of Extemporaneous Fun!
Strawberry Jello (v1) My Baby knows what to do When I’m sad and blue He don’t bring me candy or flowers He brings me colors from a rainbow He knows how to make me smile He knows just what I like CHORUS My baby brings me Jello, Strawberry Not cherry, not grape, not banana He knows I love Strawberry Strawberry Jello, Strawberry Jello (v2) When I can’t find a song When my heart can’t sing along When me feet refuse to do dance There’s only one thing to do My Baby knows what it takes To make me want to sing again CHORUS MUSIC INTERLUDE CHORUS TWICE © 2011 Alan D. David, BMI / Diana Bowers, BMI
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