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No way to run your life
Intended as 'library music' Inspired by sitting and looking at the harbour down the road on a rare sunny day! See full details
Acoustic - Acoustic Guitar
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September 05, 2011
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2:32 minutes
Story behind the song
I wanted to add bass, strings etc. to it but I was told in no uncertain terms to leave it alone. Hopefully, there will be a video going up on Youtube when we can film it. For you technicos: Guitar - Dobromark. Yamaha FGX730SCA, normal tuning, but using a Spidercapo - then through Roland Microcube - bit of reverb Slide - Dobromark. Surprisingly Fender Strat through Microcube, 10% chorus, 30% delay. All into a Roland VS880 and then through Cubase. Great fun! Credits to Mark Haley for the title! Cheers DM
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