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05-Morning Light (Rough).mp3
Old school feel, Soul influenced insiteful yet Charismatic
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
Previous peak charts position #1,595
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #147
August 27, 2011
MP3 10.0 MB
320 kbps bitrate
4:22 minutes
[Chorus]... [Verse] Crack my eyes open, Eye's focused on; propositions forbidden me to be out spoken. Not cause attention; to my conditions; spectator commenting on what they think; should be done to fix it. Only speaking in theory; you've never been me. Of course your two cents being pennies could not offend me. Besides I don't have time, simply; trying opinions like outfits that are not going to fit me. Copyright; I say just bout what ever I like. Often expressing; whether intriguing or unpolite. As it progresses, first expectance; you were to dislike. But as you think about it now; you love the insight. Despite competitive repetitive rappers that lack ambitions. My flows refreshing with a lyricists reminisence. The couture to the seams, the asperation to dream, A harsh statement that screams, giving music its means. [Chorus]... [Verse] Concept emurges, flourish spilling up off my tongue. Relevance keeps me in swing just like a pendulum. Lacking gimics; While Lackies mimic my brilliance, infatuated with money, cars and thensome. Day dream each day; of what they could be. For certain hands uptaining hopes is till as empty. Likewise, deficient desire; merely, transpire prevention where persistance and passion; should be trademark; Just spoken words from the heart, become subjected to the vibe and let your cares depart. As it proceed, commonly; seen as just hype, is now appointed amongst every genre alike. unlike unethical, regretable acts that arn't worth conversation. There rifts are hobbies as my rhyme refers to occupation. A warning to keep at bay, an inch from carried a way, a force that won't go astray, remains still to this day. [Chorus]... [Verse] Since when has diverse become; an emphasizing incentive. Where gaze are so intentive and people point there fingers. Judgement sadly tidious and demeaning. Lack as if there unfamilar with there own up bringing. oppose the typical choice, irratical thought that herders you dependent without a voice. consciousness vacant as I become the next craze like evaluating a mental patient. metaphor limitless killer of emphasis. My flow relentless like the mourns vengeance is. Venomous; I spit it cobra reminisce. Vulgar mist; Bringing distortion to images. The risk you'll take, don't make no mistake tring me would be no different then being food on a plate; Grimy and timely is how i be on the mic. Aight'. What's done in the dark, has it's way to always be seen...
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