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04-Building the Blocks (A Step Up) (Rough).mp3
A youthful inspirational sound, Embeded on a symphony of piano keys
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
August 27, 2011
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320 kbps bitrate
3:40 minutes
[Verse] Love breach, learn as well as teach within my state of mind. Wether however critical yet I still climb. Such driven and ambition; you will never find. No man alive could weather conditions I survive. Showing luv as do hands cuffed just right. Like puppy Scruffy my baby shady hugs sleeping nights. I miss encourage of; hope over everything. A large smile skating down the halls of bethany's. Also in appreciation of; Auriana. Kept my mind from pondering; all my problems. When Life has away of sending sort coming, Confront them; compared to what we've been through its nothing. Have no regets, Bare no excuse; sometimes the only way out is the way through... Never feel alone; phone calls are sheer proof that I'll always be there even if need be confide to. Furthermore, thank Louis Gill for bring a feel that is reliable. And Debra Lawson with no bounds of finding you. Words can't express the gratitude for everything you do. So i'll just end this line by saying (if you only knew...) Let this be nourishment for spirits that arn't; quite full. A step up from the bottom that you have plummet to. Not letting one down fall confirm that we lose. Poverty not a outcome it's what we choose. This is for day brakes; glow. Putting the worst behind us. This here's for friends that are family, not letting race confine us. Passion flourish with words conversed instead of preached. The buildings blocks is communication so all is reached. this is for Moral supporters remaining upstanding. Change will not come as we asked therefore we demand it. To Whom took action and done more then just complained. shattering silence at the moment that I exclaim: This ones for (repeat)... Sunni, Tonysha,of course Ernistine,... Amrit, and Mancha miss ya'll on everything. Paula, Jennifer and Valerie. ah...Brenda, and uh... Lisa./ Tina, Julie... Ariseli. also Dieanna and Ana for love's not temporary. Not to leave anyone out theres not enough room this ones for Erica ah... this ones for you. [Verse] This is for days in our lives when feeling frustrated, our mind jaded from lies, or unapprecriated. When everything that binds becomes escalated. Then mindstate are devised to anticipated. This here's for households heartbrake beyone repair. The type of window that pains; all of us share. When people turn a blind eye as if not there affair. Apparently they are unaware... Strif is like the most vitual part of life; at most despite the edge it drives you to.Thus persevere amongst other; in order touch scenes; a state of being exceeding; admirable. after all, I hope this impacted your sight that were once blind. within the mitts of tyranny give you a clear mind. Revitalizing spirit, strenght and dedecation. Realize that life is only what you make it. Forget about all of the things that trouble you. And from this point start a new; An art form given to 'em seamless, seem it's the reason why I' m leaving them speachless.
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