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02-Experience (Rough).mp3
Reminscence of enjoying the simple things
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
August 27, 2011
MP3 7.8 MB
320 kbps bitrate
3:25 minutes
Lovely as a summers day, flowers n the mid of may, Fabric as it gently sways, Words we all anticipate, Expression shown apon a face, Warmth from a small embrace, Thrill when in giving chase, youngest to lead n grace, First time in which you are amazed, sights that you can not explain, Touch, feel, hear, taste; See, smell, love, create, Imagining what don't exist, Memories you won't forget. invision Reminisce, Share the experience... ...Sweetness from the softest peach, falling of the autumn leaves, Beetle flying on a string, Joy for such the childish things, Life sprouting from a seed, Ribbons flown within a tree, Smiling every time you greet, Tears for you don't want to leave , innocence can be so sweet , Kisses givin on the cheek, Excited "hurry come and see", Weightless feeling on a swing, All good thing come to an end, But it has been time well spent, One day we'll surely meet again, Share the experience...
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