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It's About Me (feat. Kayla Williams)
Music & lyrics: Bertram/Baitinger/Williams
Pop - Adult Contemporary
Previous peak charts position #17
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
Ray Bertram / Kayla Williams / Robert Baitinger
August 25, 2011
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Story behind the song
Kayla Williams, an extremely talented young singer/songwriter from Canada, offered to help me finish this song. In my opinion she did an awesome job. Listen for yourself. The first feedback from a big German radio station was very motivating. I’d like to thank both Kayla Williams and Ray Bertram for helping me create this piece of music. All the best Robert Baitinger
IT'S ABOUT ME (Bertram/Williams/Baitinger) Verse 1: I watch the sun go down And I watch it rise I’m watching my life pass Right before my eyes I feel myself slowly Slipping away But that ends right now It ends right here today Chorus: Starting right now It's all about me So much I wanna do So much I wanna see I wanna do it all While I'm young and I’m free So starting right now It's about me Verse 2: I'm gonna put down What I got to do And I'm gonna pick up Just what I want to There's too many sweet dreams That I want to chase So I'm busting out Of this mad rat race Chorus Bridge: It's my time to live It's my time to shine Now it’s time for me To take what is mine Chorus Music & lyrics: Ray Bertram, Kayla Williams, Robert Baitinger Vocals / vocal production: Kayla Williams Instruments / music production: Robert Baitinger
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