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Heart of Things
A song about my desire to get back to the One who really matters.
Rock - Folk Rock
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W. Cameron Bastedo
W. Cameron Bastedo
August 22, 2011
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3:05 minutes
Story behind the song
I wanna get back to the heart of things, I wanna bet back what's true. I wanna get back to the source of life, I wanna get back to you! Time has flown, For telling lies: I've gotta get back! I'm giving my life to you, King of Kings, I'm laying it down at your cross. Lord, grant me the truth in the things I sing: There's infinite gain in loss! You're all that I need, you're the heart of things, You're all that I long to know. You're all that exists, you're the source of life. Lord, grant me your seed to sow! Time has flown, For living lies: I've gotta get back!