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Electronic - Breakbeat
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Andrea Dellio
Plaine Jane Music 2001
August 11, 2002
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Story behind the song
This song was written over a period of about three days. I started messing around with samples and loops, this is what I came up with.
Diminished It was a beautiful day. I decide to go outside for a walk. I lock my door. Go past the houses- and search the ground. There was no one around. I blame myself for what I had found. (for what I"d found) They must have warned me a million times- ( The place got quiet- there was no one around)-but you know the stubborn won't listen. So I guess it comes real as no suprise. The day I finally got thinking. And I lost myself! Fate took ahold! I blamed myself -but- no one knows, no- no one knows. I won't talk sucicide. I lock my door. I search the ground for signs of life. But it is quiet. There is no one around. I have to remember what I came here for. Let fate take control- and let it go. Just let it go. On the tree that knows me best. I secure my rope that ensures my rest. Without security there's only regret. No last requests- I swing to my death. The air filled my head. My sorrow diminished and I went off to start what I had finished. It was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful day in my head. The air filled my head. My sorrow diminished, and I went off to start what I had finished. It was a beautiful day.
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