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The Doomsday Clock
"Was an L.A. Internet sensation this past summer" ....LA Weekly nominated for best Indy song of the year, 2011 reached #1 for six weeks, and after popular demand it came back and hit #1 again, and is a hit around the world
Urban - Funk
Charts #3,716 today (peak #6)
Charts #218 in subgenre today (peak #1)
Johanna Renfro
August 08, 2011
MP3 4.7 MB
128 kbps bitrate
5:10 minutes
Story behind the song
A visionary idea that took a year and 2 completely different versions. Magic Alex suggested we use the 1st version for the guitar/bass intro, and the 2nd version as the body of the song. It worked, and became a fav and a #1hit for us. Is being downloaded more and still has legs staying at the top or close to it TY all and happy you like it. 02/20/12 **Back by Popular Demand** #1 most recently Jan 2015**
THE DOOMSDAY CLOCK Hail Medusa, Pandoras box, Comatose, and back in Detox, Loves a drug, opportunity knocks, Better make it, a double on the rocks, Remembering how we laughed the night away, Wind Reminiscing, rewind every day, Doomsday is coming, and nowhere to run, Empires crumbling, scientifically done, There is no enemy, you cant defeat, Times returning, my castle to me, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Couldnt stop, the Doomsday Clock, Time is marching, in Cadence awry, Dear departed, to live is to die, Lennon, Kennedy, Ruby, Tupac, Bullets stalk, the Doomsday Clock. At the door, Reaper, you know his knock, Your numbers up, shouldnt come as a shock, I found a key, and a map to the lock, Recalibrate, the Doomsday Clock,
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