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Put the Spoon Down Boy
A little 'spoony' advice for any 'entitled' fellow of the younger generation.
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Country - Americana
Previous peak charts position #254
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #33
Chapman James
2011 Polhemusic
July 06, 2011
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2:39 minutes
Story behind the song
Thinking about what I would say to my son if he were to somehow grow up feeling as though Life OWED him:)
You wanna play the quintessential victim? You're so entitled to that shame Everyday you need another rescue Everyday there's someone new to blame Chorus: Put the spoon down boy The silver spoon down boy Put the spoon down boy And you'll be fine You wanna fly from all your consequences? You wanna freeze when problems come to call? You wanna fight the flow of all that karma Down every waterfall Chorus: Bridge: Life can feel so over-rated Love can sound so out of tune Hope can seem a little cliche When you're staring at the spoon Knowledge doesn't always lead to wisdom Knowing lots of things that just aren't so Try a little 'Living the Moment'? A little 'Holding On' by 'Letting Go'!
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