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MUSICIANS - Michael Cowan: Guitar Fills and 2nd Guitar Solo. John Holland: Keyboards and Keyboard Arrangement. Kyle Keenan: Harmony Vocal and 1st Guitar Solo. Christopher O'Hare: Lead Vocal. Nicole Phillips: Harmony Vocals.
Rock - Progressive Rock
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Christopher O'Hare
June 30, 2011
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128 kbps bitrate
4:01 minutes
Story behind the song
First release from my forthcoming CD, "I Hate Me Too". Produced by Kyle Keenan, Robert Maher, David Melo, and Christopher O'Hare
It’s hard for me to hold it in When I hear you scream from inside It makes me want to take you, embrace you Rock you to sleep tonight It’s hard for me to say the words To eyes deceitful and tender It makes me want to kiss you, embrace you Bring you to remember Yet I stand empty Where the others have stood Reaching for your body Feeling dirty but good Knowing that I could have you But that I never would My guilty heart cools A desire that could Well it’s hard for me to believe it But I think that I may love you It makes me want to leave you, not face you I’m not worthy of you