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Behind the Door
Single - $1.00
Rock - Hard Rock
Previous peak charts position #393
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #22
Dave Devine
June 21, 2011
MP3 5.6 MB
128 kbps bitrate
6:08 minutes
Behind The Door ( verse 1 )(C# G E D) What I've tryed to see And I want to be All T tryed to know And I lost control ( chourus )( C# D) I want, too see Behind, the door ( verse 2 )(C# G E D) It waits for those who know There's no thing as control See the things that you fear And the things will come clear ( chorus )( C# D) ( Guitar lead )( C# D) ( verse 3 )(C# G E D) Now I've come to consive All the things you can't persive Walk away those who fear when the truth is so near ( chorus )( C# D) By: Dave Devine Copyright 2005