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A space rock tune with echoes of the Cocteau Twins, Lanterna, Hammock and Pink Floyd.
Rock - Instrumental Rock
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Rob Wessel
April 11, 2014
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128 kbps bitrate
5:51 minutes
Story behind the song
The clean guitar sustaining single notes, the octave guitar that comes in at the end, and the lead guitar are my PRS 305. The guitar that starts the song, with the swirly rotary effect, is a Hamer Chapparal. I used a mic'ed amp for the lead part, but used Amplitube 3 for some of the other parts. I hadn't experimented with mixing and matching real and simulated amp parts, but I'm quite happy with the results. Though originally recorded (without spending too much time on it) in 2011, I decided to update this song in December 2013/January 2014. I replaced the Battery drums with EZ Drummer, loaded with the Rock Solid drum sound expansion. I replaced the fretless bass track with the Ibanez Gary Willis fretless bass I got in 2012. I redid the guitar solo using the same PRS guitar. I remember reading how Steve Vai fasted for a week before recording "For the Love of God", and how he spent 10 hour days practicing his parts before a David Lee Roth band tour, making sure each note was just right. That is totally not what I usually do. The solo in the original version of this song was done by just jamming to come up with a few good ideas, hitting record and going for it, and then listening back and keeping whatever was good. But after hearing that for a few years, I worked out a new version of it. The only problem is there are parts that I found very difficult to play, and I had to practice and practice it for weeks, making sure each note was (reasonably) perfect, before getting a take I considered good enough to keep. And of course once you start playing something over and over, you're always convinced that you can capture the feel and emotion you had that one time when you were running through it before hitting record, you're sure you can do a better take. It's worth doing it again until you get that better take.
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