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Bloody Joe - Mr. Nice Guy (prod. by Bloody Joe)
Track Name : Bloody Joes Mr. Nice Guy produced by Bloody Joe Written and performed by Bloody Joe Format: mp3; 320 kbps http://www.youtube.com/user/BloodyJoe Free Download : http://www.bloodyjoe.com/bloody-joe-mr-nice-guy.html
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Bloody Joe
Bloody Joe
June 14, 2011
MP3 12.8 MB
320 kbps bitrate
5:35 minutes
Story behind the song
Watch the lyrics video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-8MWL-8W0c
Lyrics : Bloody Joe’s Mr. Nice Guy Part 1: Ever since my first grade, or was it my f*** in’ life I’ve been wondering what’s wrong, I paid too much I’m dead to fight I was always living a lonely life, no friends no b*** were by me they come they go, was a hell of a life, keep it real here we go, come try me when the football team bullies locked me there in the locker beat down and almost dead, please would someone call me a doctor and now here in the rain I f*** in’ swear revenge on you no hero I’m a villain, what the f*** how come my life is through In a dream I met Ted Bundy, right before he went to South Park taught me how to slit throats, and I tested on him out right incepted an idea in me, kill bullies like a dark knight but I couldn’t let those others live, the Joker wouldn’t find tight So the plan is set, conditions met and anybody’s about to witness unimaginable pain that politicians like so this could be their chance eventually to change our system and now the f*** back up into my list Part 2: I never was about the violence, never used to be a killer …until they made me this, confused my mind a blood spiller Never had the chance to live a normal life look I am a f*** in’ wreck …comes to my advantage when I try to top Virginia tech those fascist thoughts… look all my brain was gone …and time was running out when I was reaching for my fathers gun they didn’t even notice when I lately acted strange …I’m awkwardly infected by those can not see my rage you made a mistake … and I will never stop …to make you pay it back cause when I’m gone you f*** ers cry a lot I tried but I can’t go any further I despise humanity and they would call me learner the destroyers of the world from al-kaida to bush got my girlfriend in the trunk while I’m smoking some kush … and that’s not the only problem I’ll be solving today guess what motherf*** ers are thinking while fading away … now Part 3: Once there was a time were everybody loved each other and I don’t mean the times meant by my nazi brother! There was fighting of course but not a mobbing to death …and when someone overthrew it was put under arrest but now we living in a future f*** in’ facebook world now everybody is sharing gossip and be pesting the earth so some weaker individuals they cannot understand this torturing themselves just to forget of what this pain is …they did it, but they can never go back once they turned into a monster and they set up attack then the news is callin’ it amok or a rampage but they forget that it was planned up on a page they blame video-games some movies or the music and they forget this sick society while governments lose it …politicians use it for their rotten campaign while sicker souls find new idols and get out in the rain … and they oath their revenge… all out on them goons and others terrorizing us for freedom or their truth I never heard of this is our reason to be… when I was off that find some friends and stick together might being your best bet and we together in this boat until our Judgment Day that comes when we decide of who to love und who to hate then one’s deciding wrong and grabs that big ass gun I hope that everybody is firm, cool and know how to run! Hook: They might look around better when they talk about me when the sh** around somebody back they go see when the guns go and when the f*** in’ yearbooks blown they know that I’ll never be Mr Nice Guy no more everybody’s gonna die blown off with a shot when they beat around my body and my thoughts going off when the guns get clapped and when the bodies full of gore they know that I’ll never be Mr Nice Guy no more
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