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Lil $am - Too Late (Prod. by Inseveral)
First single off my upcoming album "Insomniac". Can also be purchased here: http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_817831
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HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
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Samuel Joseph
June 14, 2011
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"Too Late" [Hook] (2x) And it's been hurting me, how much can a man take? It didn't take but a second to make me fall Took an eternity for me stand up straight So how can they really wonder why I hate em all? But I know that I've got the strength to stand tall I know that Im strong, and I should never break But still I got my back to this wall I start swinging, but it's too little, too late [1st Verse] Now I know I said I wouldn't change, and I'd stay the same But it's like there's something in my brain I cannot maintain What is up with me? Am I insane? Or just deranged? Maybe neither, he just evil, steaming with a touch of flames I'm pushing people away, don't let them get too close Soon as a person says "hey", that's when I'm getting ghost That person in picture frames, that's who I miss the most My old self, back in '04, when I didn't smoke And I hope u know this, I don't focus when I'm toasted It's the only time I'm jovial, but notice, the toll that It's been taking on my soul is breaking me, it's hopeless And still I'm getting roasted, they say that I was chosen To be great, but a mistake is what you've made Cuz though I have potential, my face is on this blade And I'm racing for the day that this greatness will be played But it may be safe to say that I just waste it all away, it may be too late.. [Hook] [2nd Verse] I'm sorry mom, I did not do what I oughta And you gave up your life so I'd not have to be caught up Working 9 to 5 just like pops, having to borrow Just to pay for the bills, its a lot I should've saw but, I was blind to the situation, my mind was just sitting vacant And flying out into space and it's obviously irritating And it would appear that Satan just got here and still he's waiting I'ma be real and say I got kind of a fear of facing My fears, so hear me out, while I'm clearing out My conscious, right here and now, I'm promising with this vow If I did you wrong, I apologize, I'm not the type Of guy to be apologizing, so it's really quite surprising I guess now I'm rising out my old way of surmising And just acting like I ain't got no problems victimizing Everybody around me, I've been selfish, but just wait Can you tell me what's it take? Or maybe it's just too late.. [Hook] [Bridge] There is no way to change it I guess I gotta face it No way I could explain it It it what it is, and that's all Got what it takes to make it Still live in broken places Surrounded by these faces Staring at me through these walls Ain't no love, but so much hate, til I couldn't stand up straight Feel the ceiling descending, it really isn't enough space Coming up so just wait, say you don't get frustrated Just chilling, for real man? Until u get obliterated Im in this and awaiting, I been feeling sedated But now I've risen, isn't it a trip? You must hate it I'm just pulling ya leg when I say I give up, baby Don't think it's ended, it isn't, its only begun crazy