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Abusing You
Recorded in 1995. This piece came to life at the 2nd Street Morgue, Vincennes Indiana in an effort between Bobby Vomit and Justin Kase. It is only a part of a session later dubbed Bob's Playground of Demons. Bob, if you see this, F*ck You Heathen!
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Bobby Vomit / Justin Kase
1995 Creation Monkey Studios
March 24, 2004
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Story behind the song
Beginning early in the day, after a 2 day stint of extreme alertness, our two anti-heros gathered in the 2nd floor appartment of Justin Kase at the 2nd Street Morgue. Drinks were had and the tapes began rolling - producing over an hour of bizarre and distasteful sound tracks like this one, including the epic title track, Bob's Playground of Demons. Contributors to the days project include Bobby Vomit, Justin Kase and Burbank (Monster Vision). These tapes were recently discovered in disrepair in a box-load of old recordings Justin keeps around. He is now undergoing the laborious task of restoring the track and converting them into digital format. All tracks were recorded live and with minimal production - giving the raw edge known exclusively to this group of artists.