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Black Eyed Cheese - I Gotta Feeling!
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First and foremost, with that clip, I do not want to steal the music of The Black Eyed Peas, this is my own version and a personal appreciation of their great work.
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Black Eyed Peas
May 24, 2011
MP3 3.8 MB, 128 kbps, 4:11
Story behind the song
My band Sonicstate (www.sonicstate.ca) has been asked to start playing rock covers of recent pop tunes. Some of my band members were skeptical about moving into that musical direction so a few days ago, I decided to create my own rock version of that cool tune from The Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feeling Once I had done it, the vocals were missing and by accident I came across the acapella track version of it (someone out there on the web had removed it from the original track, thanks a lot who you are). Anyway, it popped to my mind that I had to do it: sync the vocal and video to my new personal rock version of tune. So to everyone who reached my page, here it is. Cranck the volume and enjoy it! For those interested, no animals were harmed during the production. A few beers and some Jack Daniels were drank though. I used Reaper for recording and syncing. Guitar was a Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 Drums are Steven Slate EX. And I used an AMT E1 pedal for the guitar distortion driven into some impulses. Be kind with me, this is my first attempt at doing this. If the response is good, I plan doing some more "rock version of pop tunes" as it is too much fun. Lady Gaga, watch your back!!!
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