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Do You Really Like Me
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Psychic Monkey
May 20, 2011
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Psychic Monkey ? 2011 Do you really like me? =================================================== I wanna melt into you. I know I just met you. It's so hard not to bother you. Is your mind fluttering too? You're in my brain all day and night. I wonder if you'll dream of me tonight I'm trying hard to play it cool. ooooh...aaaah. Am I just being a fool To think you think of me Like I think of you Or is it a hit and run A rebound affair, just for fun? Or do you Do you Do you Really like me? Do you think about me? I'm as giddy As a lover can be With you, I wish forever to be Am I the only one Making this wish? Could you want me too? Do you see me with you? Curled up like pups in the night! Soft, warm kisses Arms around you tight. And maybe you could love me I know it ain't somethin' You normally do Is it too much to ask of you? Or do you Do you Do you Really like me? - -
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