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Real Love Looks Like That
What they have is something special, So very subtle, gentle and sweet.
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Janice Hopkins, Greg C. Brown & Sharla Shore
May 19, 2011
MP3 3.3 MB, 128 kbps, 3:36
REAL LOVE LOOKS LIKE THAT © 2010 Janice Hopkins/Greg C. Brown/Sharla Shore I sat down with Mom at breakfast, She said, I know there's something on your mind. Told her, I think I love Bobby, But I don't know if it’s the lasting kind. She told me, go watch Gramps and Nanna; They’ve had fifty years to get it right. So if you wanna see what love is Watch the little things in their lives. Chorus Like when he gets up every Saturday When he could be sleeping late. Makes her toast, brews the coffee While she lies in bed and waits. Later on he drives her to the market, Lets her right out by the door. Parks the car, walks through puddles as it pours. When shopping's done he carries every bag; Well, Real Love, real love Looks Like That. I started watchin’ them so often And it didn't take me long to see That what they have is something special, So very subtle, gentle and sweet. Chorus When she asks him if he took his pills That she’d laid out by his plate. Dear don’t forget your wallet, Wear your coat, it’s cold today. Always in the kitchen waiting, He gets a kiss right by the door; When I see that, I think I couldn’t want much more. A few more years I hope I’m where they’re at 'Cause Real Love, real love looks like that. Bridge She loves to watch old movies, Ones where the hero often dies. He pretends he doesn’t notice The tears in her eyes. Chorus So he tries real hard to make her laugh With another silly joke. Then he hands her one more tissue As if he doesn’t really know... That this sweet woman feels so deeply, It's the reason he loves her still; That's the kind of love I really wanna feel. I hope one day my own child will look back Saying…… Real Love, real love looks like that. It’s the little things that all add up To a loving welcome mat….. YEAH....... Real Love.......ONLY REAL LOVE... REAL LOVE Looks JUST Like That.
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