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No Pants Dance
I was bored one day and made this. Don't judge me.
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Rock - Progressive Rock
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Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo Rodriguez
May 18, 2011
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Story behind the song
I rolled out of bed with the chords to Van Halen's Jump in my head, and so I put them in the key of C and went with it. Then I decided to test out the microphone I had and see what kind of sound quality I could get with it. This is what happens when you're a nerdy musician with an endless sea of musical creativity and opportunity in front of you... you make cheese.
Girl I wanna do the no pants dance with you, I wanna do the no pants dance with you (x2) Hey pretty lady you look so fine, I wanna take you home and make you mine. Take off your pants, we won't need them there, But baby, baby leave the underwear. What do you think this is some kind of zoo? I just don't wanna wear pants with you. Now put on a movie, anythings good, But I prefer the pants-less Robin Hood. Now just remove the belt, undo the button, Unzip the fly, now ain't that something? Pull them over the hips, over the knees, over your shins, down to your feet. And once you done this it's safe to say, You can step out of those pants and dance this way. Cause the pants-less life is the way to be, Now take off your pants and sing with me. Chorus (x2)