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Arduous - I will return
Metal - Heavy Metal
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May 10, 2011
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"Arduous - I will return" Lyrics: Chintan Athalye Guitars: Shardul Dharmadhikari,Chintan Athalye Vocals: Chintan Athalye (But looking for a better vocalist) Drums: programmed by chintan athalye & Mohit Joshi Lyrics On the horizon, i see, darkness spreading far.. and injustice to the honest, Evil is all i see... destruction is everywhere, a lesson they will learn… 'cause let me warn you, i'm not lost.. I will return… ||1|| enemy is approaching, take the weapons out.. thousand evil for every honest, the corrupted shall be dead.. fight for the revenge, the respect i shall earn 'cause let me warn you, i'm not lost.. i will return.. ||2|| (Shardul Solo) The battle has begun, no mercy for the corrupted…. it ain't over, till its over, fight till the last breath.. wounds from all the gunshots, badly it will burn…. 'cause let me warn you, i'm not lost… i will return.. ||3|| (Chintan Solo) Corruption is defeated, the war is over now, victory for the honest,soldiers left wounded though our blood has been shed ,the victory was long yearned, 'cause let me warn you, i've not lost…i have returned.. ||4|| Credits- "Arduous"
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