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Until You Breathe
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Alternative - Alternative General
Previous peak charts position #8
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #4
Jared Jones
April 08 2011 All rights reserved
June 21, 2011
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128 kbps bitrate
4:06 minutes
Story behind the song
Written for a very close and special friend who was going through a struggle
Hey you I've seen that familiar face Tattooed with pain I know that lonely familiar place Your angel tears Pools of neverending heartbreak But even as your summer turns to fall I know you'll be okay I know I know that feeling, it's breaking through Your heart and trust Are burning down in your fields of blue But darling know These starry night skies have been painted just for You But until you can breathe again You'll never know night from day Yet still I know, I promise you'll be okay Or still I pray If you look inside, you'll see that your mind is fading away So put your hands in mine, and know I love you, so don't be afraid But until you can breathe again, I'm afraid you'll only feel more pain But when the day comes that you can breathe again Everything will be okay