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On The Low
@ 2011
HipHop - New School
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Kandal & kLumzii
March 30, 2011
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3:50 minutes
Verse: 2X you and me we both wanna go on a ride you and me we both have something to hide and i know that he won't let you go and I know that you're afraid to show me Hey, I'm sorry I'm sorry I don't mean to interrupt what you got going on You got a man? oh oh hey hey I'm totally sorry about that part I saw you across the club right and uh you were looking fine! Hella FINE! nah nah it's a compliment by the way but um Let me tell you something real quick aight? Just listen aight? Listen Chorus: 2X on the floor on the low we can let it go let it flow let it show baby don't let go cause tonight you and me are gonna get it on on the low on the low we gotta keep it low Verse: hey mami, i see you lookin got a boyfriend, forget it on the low, ya know i wont tell, you wont tell thats the rules, get you close drop the clothes, let it flow take a trip, through my world hypnotiq outfit, got the glow swagga nice with the lights on the floor, girl is a killa let me tell my felluhs imma go go get her gettin hot, electro fever dancing sexy, shes a teaser imma tell you in your ears ill take you places you never been dont get mad, im feeling you and all the things we can do how you do that right there its nice lets ride it out tonight who knows, where we can end up its starts leaving this club booty shaking to the bump bump ye.. get get it poppin stop lock it and drop it dont be shy, why you stoppin get the whole club watchin dropping stacks it aint nothing poppin bottles, i be stylin dr dre beats, get it, if you lucky Chorus: 2X