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Sit This One Out
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Country waltz song! 3
Country - Country General
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Polly Hager - lyric and music
2011 all rights reserved
March 24, 2011
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Story behind the song
This is about a man I was engaged to a couple of years ago.
Sit This One Out Saturday night my friend come to get me They're smiling, excited, a night on the town We walk in the barroom, a place I need not be I'm just a sad misfit, alone in the crowd. Once was a time, I was happy and smiling The jokes that you told me, kept me aglow I still feel your soft breath, your arms wrapped around me Sadness surrounds me, where did love go? My friends hit the dance floor, they motion me over They shake and they shimmy, they sing "Twist and Shout" But I've found good company in a bottle of whiskey Me and my bottle gonna sit this one out There's a man selling flowers, comes up to my barstool His smile turns to worry when he looks in my eyes He hands me a long stem, says, "A rose for the lady" Pulls out his kerchief, says, "Honey, don't you cry!" Oh, I can't get over The pain that still holds me, you won't leave my mind My heart has been shattered, and I'm barely breathing It's all I can do not to break down and cry There's a man on the dance floor, he motions me over Wants to know if I'd care to take a spin around But the last thing I want is a poor substitution Me and my bottle gonna sit this one out Me and my bottle gonna sit this one out