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How Can I tell you?
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I have wanted to record a studio version of this song for a long time. Here it is featuring Mark Easton on acoustic guitar and myself on vocals.
Acoustic - Cover Songs
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Cat Steven Usaf Islam
Cat Stevens /Usaf Islam Licenced through APRA
March 31, 2011
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Story behind the song
A couple of years ago my friends Clair and Nitya decided to get married. Clair was terminally ill with cancer and she passed over to the Summerland very shortly after the wedding. Clair had asked me to sing this song for her on her special day. At the time I had been growing close to feeling that perhaps it was time to retire from an active singing career and concentrate my energies on other creative pursuits. That day changed me irrevocably, I sang from a place within that I had never found before and with tears rolling down my face I connected with the song, the writer, and the incredible courage of the woman for whom I was singing it. Thank you Clair, you showed me so much in the brief fleeting moment that I knew you. I will sing forever.
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