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Scratchin At The Door
Single - $1.00
A warning to Miss Ridin hood about the hazards that come with a full moon
Blues - Blues Rock
Previous peak charts position #59
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #19
HungryWulf Productions, Inc. *All Rights Reserved.
March 21, 2011
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Story behind the song
Warning to Lil Red Disclaimer**The Wulf in this Original Song which was written, composed and performed by "HungryWulf" is NOT in any way deemed or considered liable, responsible, or otherwise convicted for any "alleged wrongdoing" in connection to the case files of 3 Pigs, or the contemptuous allegations of Miss Red R. Hood and or any other compainants bringing ficticious and false allegations.
...You best be careful what your doin- That short red skirt you wear... Full moon shinin down on - red ribbons in your hair...
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