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Love Lies Dark
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A song about spousal abuse
Acoustic - Acoustic General
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Warren Wagner
Warren J. Wagner 2002
March 16, 2004
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Love Lies Dark Love forced down as anger takes control Of mind and body heart and mouth and soul His being shifts your love becomes chagrin His words profane the feeling deep within Shrink before his might Demons in the night Reinforce the walls which block loves way Words turn into fists and deal the blows Which strike the heart and crush the bloody rose And yet like you a shard of love remains Despite the fear the anger the pain Soon you’ll leave you muse Find someone you trust Leave behind the things you hoped he’d be Was it you that caused his mighty rage And loosed the beast from its fragile cage Or has some haunting past come to the fore Blotting out his dream of love once more Momentary blame Everlasting shame Love lies dark drowning in his depths