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Death Pours In
In recent times we have had to confront not just our own mortality, but the destruction of entire species, possibly including our own. Denial is the most common response, but our encounter with death can also help us to focus on what is essential.
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Lou Thomas
Copyright 1994 Lou Thomas
March 16, 2004
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Story behind the song
I've reached middle age, which is a good time for confronting one's limits. And this world is a good deal closer to destruction than I am personally. Breaking through denial is a constant struggle. Sometimes it helps to force oneself to look into the abyss.
Verse Maybe you live at the top of the world Rakin' in money, high as a bird But someday you'll have to come down again And share the cold earth with mere women and men Build Just when you think that you're safe in your home Counting the things that you own Chorus DEATH POURS IN DEATH POURS IN Like honey into a jar Before you get too far DEATH POURS IN Verse We're only here for a moment or two And we'll fly away when our moment is through But holding on to material things Can drag you back down just as you find your wings Build Can't take it with you, so why not give back Some of the things you have packed...before... Chorus DEATH POURS IN DEATH POURS IN Like water into a boat We've hardly been afloat When DEATH POURS IN Bridge The time will come when there is no tomorrow Not a day that you can beg or borrow And when it hits you there'll be just one question: Who are you as you look back from that final day? Instrumental Break Verse How many years do we think we can last Before we're all buried deep in the past? Caught on a rock that is hurling through space We're burning a path to the end of our race Build We are the ashes and dust of the stars And we hardly know who we are...before Chorus DEATH POURS IN DEATH POURS IN We're spinning out of control So hold on to your soul When DEATH POURS IN © 1994. All Rights Reserved