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The Scrapheap of History
With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. entered a new phase in its quest for world domination. As more resources have become focused upon this expansionist mission, U.S. civil society has suffered from an increasingly malign neglect.
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Lou Thomas
Copyright 1993 Lou Thomas
March 16, 2004
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Verse We were a mighty empire But now we're in decline So busy ruling others That we've been left behind So now our plants are closing And millions of us crowd the streets Where our poor and homeless Search through trash cans for something to eat Chorus Where are we now? And where will we be? Well, we could all be headed For THE SCRAPHEAP OF HISTORY Verse We've got the biggest weapons But we've destroyed our farms And now we're economic midgets With giant military arms We've ordered doomsday missiles Like drunkards on a drinking bout But we can never use them Without snuffing all of us out Chorus Where are we now? And where will we be? We'll have to bite the bullet On THE SCRAPHEAP OF HISTORY Bridge Now we had better prepare for the shock 'Cause it's coming and it can't be too far down the road We were the scariest kids on the block But the neighborhood is changing And growing And it could be about to explode Instrumental Break Verse Now the Reds have crumbled And Russia's come undone We love to tell the story Of how the West has won But those dreams of glory Turn into nightmares fast Instead of back to the future We're heading forward into the past Chorus Where are we now? And where will we be? There's still room at the bottom Of THE SCRAPHEAP OF HISTORY Tag History History Yeah, we could all be history © 1992. All Rights Reserved. Thanks to Arrow Productions, which provided live instruments and production assistance for this track.