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Raining on the Coast
Close your eyes as you feel the drops of rain in the hot summer on the beach...
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Pop - Pop General
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Gatewood, Chris
March 10, 2011
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Story behind the song
I was just thinking one rainy day, what would it be like to be on a beach when it start to rain.
Gray clouds Overshadow the crowd as our feet dangle here beneath the pier and the ship just arrive even though its gray, the atmosphere is so alive I can feel it in my soul Close your eyes and don't let go And the waves rush so violently And it never ends as far as my eyes can see yeah (music) Verse 2- We take a stroll down the beach line Watch the markets close and the people unwind About to go indoors, to avoid the storm Cold air rushes through my bones we laugh and talk and notice a car on the bridge all alone on their way home We can hear the storm, we can tell its close by it tone somewhere...there's a sailor wondering how long it took and somewhere...there's somebody looking out the window just to take a look sunday dresses and palm trees all around representing this southern town and for a lean cuisine barbecue and catfish it rains as we make a wish (music to the end)