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Now And Then
My debut solo single produced by Subconsciousbeats.com please leave feedback positive OR negative
HipHop - New School
Previous peak charts position #3,348
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #277
Nova Sosa
March 08, 2011
MP3 3.4 MB
128 kbps bitrate
7:25 minutes
Story behind the song
It's a song about me going through several relationship phases and being caught up in multiple relationships at once. I want to try to take a break but the life of multiple parters is just to much fun for me to quit
Verse 1 i come across a woman thas so sexy/ would take her straight to the alter if she'd let me/ hair done nails done body looking rite/ hey baby what ya swaggatude looking like/ u a hottie when u free girl we gotta chill/ dont gotta man said she single like a dollar bill/ heres my number hope to see her face again/ and if ur busy call me/ Chorus Verse 2 i see an old flame i use to have relations with/ back when i was really on my player sh** / tell me they miss me and all the fun times we spent/ i have no choice but to try to hit again/ give her the buisness and tell her it was nice to see em/ but cant do this back and forth cuz we not aaliyah/ i got facebook so can just request me/ or text me when u wanna sex me/ i get a call from a shorty that i wanna beat/ gotta sweet talk her and take her out to eat/ my swag wavy so u know the pockets deep/ desserts a red light special and we on the creep/ no hotel so she know she not about to sleep/ ladies love it in the backseat of my jeep/ said she want a man not a one night stand/ i gotta plan i can be ur man/ Chorus Verse 3 i gotta try to take a break from the players life/ cuz on the real who would wanna be a players wife/ but we know sum chicks like the player type/ and stick around in hopes that the player might/ change his ways but no one ever hardly does/ we tell lies and sweep the truth under the rug/ and think we made it better after all kiss and hugs/ but bag chicks when we hit the club/ i fall back to the same routine/ met a girl treat a girl nice to get inside her jeans/ make her my cut buddy nothing in between/ and when she start acting up time to skip the scene/ its hard to find a good woman cuz it aint many/ a chick that give out the goods i can point to plenty/ sum girls want men as a friend/ not me im more like mr. hit it (every now and then)/ Chorus