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Cruel Love
Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #209
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #83
Gatewood, Chris
March 07, 2011
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128 kbps bitrate
3:32 minutes
Story behind the song
This song is about the world we live in today and how the wrong of society is becoming acceptable and how these kids growing up are seeing everything around them and taking it all in. Stop discrimination, share the love. We need a better world, instead of a cruel world, we need more true love, more soul love, instead of cruel love! I was just playing around with the synth and created the first few seconds of the song off the one melody anad later created the song. I stayed up late and then started the next morning until that afternoon. I accidently deleted the vocals at my studio and had to re record my vocals which was depressing but it ended up sounding way better than before...enjoy! (
Was it that long? Since you stole my heart I feel it so strong and now you gonna leave me in the dark I tried to listen you and you tried to listen to me but i loved you long time ago and we were riding so high They tell me, boy listen to ya soul cuz you got nothing to lose it'll tell you where to go cuz you got nothing but tommorrow (churos)- This is, true life This is "soul" love This is cruel life This is cruel love cru-cruel, cru-cru-cru-cruel cruel, cruel love, i said (repeat) Verse 2- The kids need love in the city Growing up, times are hard, and life ain't pretty boys and girls in the world kneel down and pray all they want to do is see the sun shine their way (Churos) (Bridge)- You throw dirt on me and then you spit and leave teach your sons and daughters the same thing so now we're hating for eternity (sing along with background opera-like vocodor) (Churos)