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dedicated to all the stray and feral cats of the world
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Electronic - Experimental Sounds
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Ugliness Man
2002 Ugliness Man
March 14, 2004
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Story behind the song
me and my wife volunteered for awhile as trappers and feeders for stray and feral cat colonies. we would trap the cats, get them medical attention, get them spayed or neutered, then release them back into the wild, so they'd still be 'home' but much healthier. the first cat we trapped, we fell in love with, so we kept her and called her Chibi, and she's still with us. the fourth cat we trapped wasn't so lucky. she seemed friendly, if slightly timid, but we could tell she wasn't healthy. her breathing didn't sound good and she had bald patches on her side. the volunteers that took her to the vet called us in the morning to let us know that she was too far gone and they had to euthanize her. in the end, we knew that it was for the best, but it was still sad. before she was taken away, we were calling her "Ally", sort of a pun. when i created this song, part of my motivation was to recreate, musically, what a stray or feral cat must go through in its daily life. the colony we were dealing with lived near a huge, loud, mechanical dumpster, and some of them lived right underneath it. being born into that kind of noise is unimaginable to me. it's my hope that maybe some people will hear this song, possibly think about things from the perspective of the cats, and have a little bit of sympathy for the cause, rather than just thinking of them as vermin.
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