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You Suck
Rock - Punk
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February 28, 2011
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You think you're somtehing but you're nothing to me Don't give a fk about a college degree I don't care if it's the Queens decree You're still an asshole and you'll always be Wake up hung-over in the afternoon I wonder why she felt she had to leave so soon And though my actions aren't the kind I can't condone It's still a drag to find she left me all alone Truth is I'm a charming guy Truth is I don't like to lie Truth is I just can't deny You suck I love to tell you I don't want you I don't like you I don't need you I didn't know they made a mouth so big I bet it's pretty to another pig Truth is I'm a charming man Truth is you could eat more bran Truth is you don't understand you suck
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