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Lois Lane
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Gently-arranged light rock/alt-folk ballad in the vein of Plain White T's "Hey Delilah", Toad The Wet Sprocket's "Walk On The Ocean", or any of a host of Crash Test Dummies songs.
Pop - Pop Rock
Previous peak charts position #298
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #60
February 27, 2011
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“Lois Lane” ©2011 Capers Simmons VERSE I I spent one bitter, thankless year Trying to save her from her fears, But I could not seem to win, Declared it over when I quit. I let my boots, my tights and cape, My hero dreams and my mistakes Hang in the phone booth where I changed Back into me. PRECHORUS I Strange visitor from outer space I'd come Down to earth to save the human race or one Pretty girl with a lonely face like hers. CHORUS I Lois Lane is falling down, A hundred stories from the ground. The Man of Steel can't save her now, And there is no one else as strong. But she gets up and brushes off, 'Cause not-as-strong was strong enough. It looks like she could save herself All along. VERSE II I thought she'd shatter like a glass When her brittle body landed On the streets of this Metropolis; A sudden stop and a bloody mess. But she was made of sterner stuff Than I had ever hoped or thought, And I was not the savior, I believe. PRECHORUS II But I once watched my world explode and I Was out there all alone, that's why I never felt at home down here. ~ CHORUS I ~ PRECHORUS III In the middle of the city of wrong and right There's a wall made of solid kryptonite, And I can't fly that high alone. CHORUS II Here comes lovely Lois Lane, But it seems that she's too late: The Man of Steel has met his fate. But wait, his heart is beating on. She puts his glasses on him, then He's mild-mannered Clark again, It looks like he was just a man All along. It looks like she was saving him All along.
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