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Deaths Head Romance
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Ginger V.
Ginger V.
February 14, 2011
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You're Perfect, I know that you're in pain but yuo deserve it, and no we're not the same but to be sure of it, I'll wear your face tonight. and we'll get high, you'll give me one thousand reasons to lie, and we'll never really have to decide, who should stay or who should go. and when you're crushed to the pavement, head caught in the wheels, and you pray that she's next, and the truth is concealed, all the lies that you've told will be buried in palms, she convinced you to cut to write one thousand songs. and you believed, all the things she said, so you climbed into her bed, and changed all your shapes oh yes we're plastic, we know it's hard to take, but don't look past it, just cover up your face with pretty masks its, a Deaths Head Romance You'll be devoured, and every thing you love will soon be ours, hung up in a gallery and showered, in Deaths Head Romance.