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Parody of Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. Backing track by Recisio
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Podcasts - Parody
Previous peak charts position #11
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #3
Vocals by Emily Miller, lyrics by Jeff Reuben
February 08, 2011
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3:51 minutes
Story behind the song
Dedicated to everyone who decided we're not good enough to be one of their 5000 friends. Especially the ones who didn't bother to tell us.
I've been unfriended, taken off-line, thought we were fine Don't like my status, the flame has been fanned, so now I'm banned Fed up losing to me at Word Twist Five hundred eight times in a row Let me help illuminate the words that you could not find Poking you every seven minutes Leave crude and real stupid comments On all your posts and photos Blocked me from your fan page Guess I'm not good enough to be One of your five thousand friends Not in your mafia Burnt down your barn in Farmville Cooked all your livestock for dinner Stole the rare parts that you needed Wouldn't share the golden barn door So now I've been unfriended Oh … hide … block I always sign off, when you say hey, I can't talk today I've got opinions, none of which you like, so you said take a hike! Angry I broke up with your sister Sorry, but I had to ditch her I joined the group "One million people who think you are lame" Sent you like fifty seven quizzes "Which Glee character might you be?" "Which Disney Princess are you?" "What fungus best fits you?" We don't really know each other Why are we friends anyway? No one else, no one else Can stand my status updates "Now I'm going to the bathroom" "Wow look at the size of that thing!" "Scratched a scab off of my bunion" Posted pics of my butt No one really needs to see that Made a fan page for my cat Curse too much, grammar sucks Forward you all of my spam Log out everytime you log in Hide the comments you've been posting Don't reply when you chat with me So now I've been unfriended Tagged you in those photos from Vegas Where you hooked up with the stripper And I posted video and sent it to your mom Don't want to have documentation Implying that we are real friends Stop sending invitations! Lost your chips in poker Think I cheated at Bejeweled Cause you can't beat my high score We don't talk, I just stalk Clicked "Like" on all of your posts I downloaded all your pictures Privacy settings wide open Today is when the ban begins I sent gifts and requests I know that you must receive them Just don't like me anymore No one else, no one else Wants to hear about my new rash Said your new haircut looks lousy I TYPE EVERYTHING IN ALL CAPS Today you're purging your friend list And now I've been unfriended
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