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Solitas Caliga Act I: Serenity
First act in the Solitas Caliga saga.
Rock - Progressive Rock
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Eye Nocturne
February 06, 2011
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7:42 minutes
Story behind the song
A young girl, despondent and hopeless, commits suicide and descends into hell. Her father, a well-known JPL scientist working on developing engines for a future NASA mission to Mars, inadvertently creates a device capable of inter-dimensional travel. He soon realizes the only dimension in which this device is capable of penetrating is the human-conceived notion of Hades. Upon hearing of his daughter's death, he is distraught and wrought with rage. He assembles a "team" of friends, some former military and some colleagues at JPL, to pass through the device in order to rescue his daughter. When the team enters this bizarre dimension, they soon realize their weapons have power over the creatures and demons that exist there. In their fury, they wipe out many of the horrors, and come face-to-face with Lucifer himself. The young girl's whereabouts are still unknown...