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J. S. Bach - Preludium in B minor BWV867
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Find peace when looking back to your past! This meditative master piece guides you carefully through unresolved traumas, misunderstandings, frustration, despair, lonelines and sorrow in a healing way. The goal is to release your emotional attachement
Classical - Baroque
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Johann Sebastian Bach
interpretation and recording: Jiri Klokocka
February 06, 2011
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Story behind the song
When a new energy system was installed in my house (January 2011), I had nowhere to escape from the extremely disturbing low frequency tone from the heat pumps fan. My life fell in pieces and this Preludium by Bach was the only comfort for me to find peace and a solution in that situation. I spend days by creating my own interpretation of this immortal piece. This is a quite introvert music, so I choosed to play it on my home made synthesizer with a dull sound, close to an electric piano.
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