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In The Shadows feat. Daviglio
New song inspired by a good friend of mine. God Bless Produced by Atomic Beats
HipHop - Spoken Word
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Nyne feat. Daviglio
2011 the Money Music Mob
February 05, 2011
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5:58 minutes
Story behind the song
What if you were loving every second of every day in life and everything seemed normal with your family and friends when all of a sudden you got disturbing news that your life is slowly fading away due to cancer...it is too late for a cure all you can do is keep getting blood pumped into you and try to live every day like it's your last...That's finding the lord in the shadows...
verse 1: (nyne) Imagine life when you anticipate your last breath, every morning waking up closer to your last step, when just a year ago you was getting through the mess, ya stress was always there but you aint have no guess life was about to turn what I'm about to say is gonna burn, Homie got a wife with two beautiful kids when he learned that something wasn't rite health wise he's slipping out, but still held a smile on his face for his little girls, I feel like "f*** the world" this man's heart was made with pearls, but Jared Lee Laughner lived after he shot that little girl, I don't understand it somebody pray for me, or better yet pray for my homie cuz the rain's poring, and the time's slipping every day that goes by, God touch his life and wipe the tears from his wife's eye, my heart bleeds for 'em honestly i feel low, cuz problems just aint problems when your blood count is running low, he made peace with it looking at the time go, I'm trying to stand in his shoes but I don't know where my mind will go. Chorus verse 2:(nyne) We in a state of mind where money rules everything, and family aint family til it's too late now let it sing, I pray to god that when it's my turn to go out my baby boys will understand why daddy was a show out, tomorrow's never promised and i swear i seen the devil's face, but i never felt for that with all thanks to God's grace, he brought me back to life when i felt like giving up, memories a gift for all the good times we living up, my heart has been struck when he told me that he's dieing, I know this man's hurting but he's smiling at the same time, when he introduced me to his mom and i seen her face i felt like breaking down but it wouldn't do better for her faith, his pops is right there backing his son up to the fullest, his house was full of love and i felt it the moment i stepped into it, now that's family and if it aint than what is, I'm in the studio about to shed a tear because of this, crack the henny open and take a shot for my people going through the same thing we God's soldiers in his kingdom. Chorus verse 3:(nyne) driving late at night wondering where time goes, thinking bout the good times reminiscing on my own, I feel your pain and i wished i could take it all away, God works in strange ways and it aint over 'til the grave, so keep fighting for your life I know it's easy said, but God spoke to you in that way that you can't forget, you gave your life to him and now he took you out this trap, touched by an angel every time i gave you dap, I still give you dap it's hard for me to let you know exactly how i feel about this so i had to write this song, and it aint nothing wrong if a grown man cry i learned alot of sh** from the situation you stand by, never take life for granted try to live it up, enjoy your family and your friends and try not to hold a grudge, hating on somebody only takes time away, and life's already too short to be mad and waste another day, so every night i pray asking God to bless you and watch over your family in this tough time you're going through.
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