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Syntopia Music & RedEyeC - Sometimes
(c) Syntopia Musc & RedEyeC
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Rock - Classic Rock
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B.Forbes / S.Ehlers
Syntopia Music / RedEyeC
February 03, 2011
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3:58 minutes
Story behind the song
Sometimes New Collab with RedEyeC Music: S.Ehlers Lyrics: B.Forbes Produced by B.Forbes
~Sometimes~ Often I dream about how life would be, Less frequently it is that I see The two of us together for a lifetime. It's time we spend that is the key. In ordinary circumstance I might believe That love might be an answer to the clue. But usually it's not all that satisfied When I'm feeling a dark shade of blue. Sometimes – follow me in Anytime that I've been Lowdown, you can make me smile And sometimes I will win. How might a life be judged By how we've lived and done. What could be the factor here, Is a chance next to none? That I chose you in my life Was solely my decision. To keep it all together Is something I want to live in. Lyrics by Copyright 2011 ~ Bob Forbes
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