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Fear That Gives Men Wings - With Guidance
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Finally done with the mixing and mastering! Check out the lyrics as well! www.myspace.com/fearthatgivesmenwings
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February 01, 2011
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I like the look in your eyes. You look like you've finally awakened From a thousand year sleep. Because we don't worry about what our friends do We have a more important matter to attend to So come on i'm right here So give a chance, give me a break I'm right here, so give me a chance, To let my voice be heard I'm not the one to protect or enslave Ideals forged with contempt and false faith We'll keep striving for a singular conclusion And strive for a long forgotten solution With your hands pick up the sky Stare down the lands with your eyes Follow me, over mountains and oceans Into the desert miles and sanscrit tiles Pull the shutters from my eyes Burn the watermark from my skin Let me be whole again Let me breathe Let me be whole again But we're plowing along This dirt road, of emptyness Dragging along the belief of change and a new pace with us. I was never a kid with a mediocre constitution Maybe i made it this way After all these years seeing lost souls standing on the other side, Wandering around with, no guide.. With blind eyes - And lost lives
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