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Speed of light
Started out as an experiment with live drums. I don't have live drums... I used kitchen items, and a kids toy drum set for drums.
Rock - Classic Rock
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Ron Vogel
2011 Guise of Odd music, ltd
February 08, 2011
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You wait for my reply See More But I hardly answer you I never ask for reasons why I expect the same from you, I don't ask why Can't convey this all too soon If we were close you know I'd write I'm not running away from you, I'm travelling...at the speed of light All alone at the edge of a day, all alone and I'm going to stay Got three dollars in my pocket and a smile on my face, these feelings you can't replace Driving myself to the beat of a drum Head east, I'll hit the warmth of the morning sun You can't replace the magic you can fill the need Planting now for the coming spring All but this has stayed the same Doesn't matter who is wrong or right I'm not running away from you I'm travelling at the speed of light Got lost on the way Can my soul still be saved? Soften the strain, remember my name