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a sketch including some words i wrote it could be a telling tale, or maybe not....feel free to wonder, or not i think the tracks are from Poxfil, not sure ackshally it needs more, but it showed up here anyway : )
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Previous peak charts position #133
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brian smith/laurent sparrow
2011 brian smith/laurent sparrow
January 30, 2011
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Story behind the song
as much trouble as i've had with women...... i still love 'em
foresight is yours if you're living in the pity-bound past women like you kick my figurative ass when you coming back so when you coming back i'll never ask you for your space or your money no just a knock upon my gate and time alone with your body again so when you coming back looking back it wasn't good but it was a lovely thing and i think how could it look like you and get so god damned ugly can you tell me that sweetie pie can you tell me that without lying tell me that sweetie pie can you tell me when you're coming back
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