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God Don't Want Her
Four cooks involved in this stew!
Country - Bluegrass
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Sosnowski, Brown, Hopkins, Ward
January 13, 2011
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Story behind the song
Purely fictional, but what if there was someone so scary, mean and ornery, even the Big Guy and His arch enemy didn't want to deal with her? Hmmm?
God Don’t Want Her © 2011 Sosnowski, Brown, Hopkins, Ward Verse 1 On the west end of town lived old widow Watson, She was meaner than a cross-eyed grizzly bear, Town folk say she’s a hundred and ten, If she ain’t darn close, she’s got no time to spare. Verse 2 She drinks to the mem'ry of her four dead husbands, Liquor took two, one died outta fear. The last bettin’ man thought he’d sure go the distance, But after awhile, even he disappeared. CHORUS Now God don’t want her and the devil don’t either. No, they ain’t holdin’ out their arms yet to greet her. She’s long overdue to meet up with her maker, But it looks like neither one’s willin’ to take her. Nope, God don’t want her… And the devil don’t either. Verse 3 She went to church last Sunday, it was struck by lightning, Disapproval raining from out of the sky. Now black cats run and hide when they see her, The preacher locks his door and tough men cry. CHORUS BRIDGE I heard that old Widow Watson met Loner Lou, God tried to warn him but He didn’t get through G Now another soul’s lost to the widow’s hand And it don’t take a scholar to understand Why God and the devil ain’t takin’ no chance. CHORUS Outro God don’t want her and the devil don’t either.