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Fear At The Fringes (I Am Afraid)
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A look at the poisonous and irrational political climate in the USA in 2010 that seems even more pertinent in the early weeks of 2011. Slow, guitar-driven rock.
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Rock - Progressive Rock
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George Potor
January 13, 2011
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Story behind the song
George wrote this song in response to the alarming tensions surrounding the American elections of 2010. He plays electric guitar and sings the lead vocal. Fred Strickland plays electric 5-string bass and sings backup vocal. Joe DeCristopher plays scorching lead guitar and percussion. He also sings backup vocal.
Small words, big sound, High stakes, low ground, Short take, long nose, Old shoe, new clothes. Screamin’ bloody murder in the middle of the day; Tearin’ off the roof ‘cause a teacher is gay. Whenever somethin’ scares ‘em, wanna lock it in a cage. Angry at the Government, fillin’ up with rage. CHORUS: I am afraid of the fear at the fringes, I am afraid of a race to the Center, I am afraid Red face, blue hand, Real hair, fake tan, Silk tie, cheap suit, Felt hat, jack boot. The overwhelming ignorance, impossible to miss, A carnival of shame, you can hear the cobra hiss. Cryin’ an’ wailin’ helps electrify the air; It’s all about the spectacle caught up in glare. CHORUS Sore throat, clear eye, Mad moon, sad sky, Sharp wit, dull blade, Sun rise, night raid. Falling down the steps, run against the wind, Spittin’ in the fountain where the hippies used to swim. Think they won’t like it, quick to shut it down; Won’t hear nuthin’ but the shoutin’ in this town. CHORUS